Harrie Bartels

Harrie Bartels

Some Notes.

Harrie Bartels was born on the 10th of febuary in Tegelen. After secondary school and militairy service he studied in Maastricht at the Jan van EYck academy where he had professors like J.Min, K. Sarneel and F.Nols.

The artist Harrie Bartels worked for a short period of time at the glass studio Flos and made there mosaic and leaded window for Charles Eyck and Daan Wildschut. After his studies he followed a period of experimenting and research in different disciplines and chose eventually for pencil and brush. Sinds 1972 direct enviroment and many travels form the theme of his work.
Bron: ‘Uit Tegelen’ / Thijs Lenssen etc

Mr.  Harrie Bartels  and the Story about his Life.

Written from the exposition at the  ” van Bommel van Dam Museum 11 januari  until  15 februari  1985.

The painter Harrie Bartels has never shown a great interest in publicity-matters on the contrary ,

The pecular thing about him is a kind of silence , which characterises his personality as well as his work and his life.

The short period during which he seemed to be among the contestants in Zuid-Limburg (Holland’s deep South as one might call it” )

Never did any harm this image , almost aways when Hans Mol and Ger Brouwer (breakfast in bed) were going their ,

Provocative ways  – 1968-1969  – you’ld find Harrie Bartels right next to them , but silent and , even when he looked a bit exited ,

Because of a low pints of lager, rather smiling , the most Harrie Bartels would do at gatheringsof ringleaders or meetings,

They had just come to disturb, was to peacefully provide them with a musical fundament .

He was often assisted in doing so by no one less then Leo Cuypers, so from a musical point of view Harrie’s performance ,

Would not remain unnoticed , although it wasn’t much more than a sort of thrummingon the buzzing spokes of a turning bicycle- wheel ,

To a wooden cigar-boxwith a microphone underneath , even now when i recall , it is easy to see Harrie sitting on the floor ,

With his legs crossed , eyes shining , his body bent over his instrument, and with clouds of psychedelic smoke hanging ,

Around his big silent head , i no longer excactly remember where took this place ,my memory has mixed up several different locations.

There where heavy carpets underneath his instrumentss and his somewhat Pashalike  , more soon !!!